Custom Business Software

We work with you to ensure your business gets the software it needs to unlock its potential. A custom application can produce stunning productivity improvements with streamlined processes and better insight into the data you already capture.

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Project Rescue

Need help with your Xojo project? Struggling to convert your desktop application to a web application?

Contact Us to find out how we can review and fix your existing project, or bring your application to a wider audience with a web application.

Spreadsheet Overload?

Are you drowning in Excel spreadsheets?

Do you have to update 10 sheets or juggle a bunch of files to get anything done?

We can help you transfer that valuable data into a dedicated streamlined application that all staff can access at the same time.

Need Remote Access?

Is your valuable data locked away on your computer when you're away from the office?

Even worse, does your business critical data only live on that laptop you live in fear of dropping?

We can put your business on the Web, whether it's through remote access to your office or hosted with a specialist hosting provider on the internet.

Can't Share Tasks?

Do you struggle with data only being accessible from a single PC, with only one member of staff being able to process an order at a time?

We can build server applications that allow all your staff to work from the same data at the same time from a secure server.

No more waiting for a particular member of staff to process that sales order.

Our Skills

Our staff have been using the following skills to build desktop, server and web applications for nearly two decades:

  • Xojo desktop, iOS, server and web application development.
  • PHP application development with CakePHP, WordPress or Drupal.
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript development.
  • MySQL, SQLite, Informix, Riak and many other databases.
  • Informix 4GL.
  • Business and Systems analysis and design.
  • Database design, development and maintenance.
  • Unix admin and installation.

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